Wardrobes with sliding doors

The main advantage of a wardrobe with sliding doors is that it can fit any space thanks to its versatility.
A wardrobe with sliding doors can be a separate or a built-in one, with or without entresols.

Shapes and colours of the wardrobes, as well as technologies and designer solutions applied to them, set the tone for the entire interior of a room. That’s why their choice must be properly considered. You making the right choice will determine what atmosphere will be created in your home. Compared to wardrobes with hinged doors, wardrobes with sliding doors have a number of advantages. These include: optimum use of room space, convenience and reliability of use, attractive appearance and wider range of designer possibilities for decoration of fronts of the ready product. A wardrobe with sliding doors is the most visible part of any interior already due to the circumstance that it is the biggest item in the room. Obviously it will be the first one to be noticed. That’s why, when you choose a wardrobe with sliding doors every small detail must be taken into account in order to ensure that the wardrobe is in harmony with the general chosen style. This can be achieved by choosing the right materials and technologies for fronts of the wardrobe. Internal content of the wardrobe included by the producers may include many different materials: glass toned with coloured films, mirrors, particle board, rattan, acryl, artificial leather, photo print. By skilfully combining these materials we can create a real piece of furniture art.

Wardrobes with hinged doors

Wardrobes with hinged doors serve as an integral attribute of our flats, in which we keep not only outdoor clothes, but things in general, including bed linen and underwear, in one word – everything that can be called clothes of the family

Furniture for keeping clothes of the whole family must be beautiful, spacious and functional. It must also naturally fit interior of a modern flat. Wardrobes with hinged doors from our company will pleasantly surprise you with diversity of the offered models. Our specialists are confident that you will easily find that special item of interior that will neatly, precisely and naturally match design composition of your flat.