Children’s furniture

Bringing into a children’s room the comfort and attractiveness that provide for all ways of a child’s development is a noble and responsible thing.
Production of children’s rooms by order requires preparation of a working design according to the plan of the room. Furniture is made according to requirements of ergonomics – it is comfortable to use, dimensions of sections are calculated in a way that allows to place toys, clothes and other things in them ideally.
By combining traditional straight sections with additional elements (rounded shelves, fronts with glass, chrome pipes, original handles) it is possible to reach a very interesting effect. A corner computer table can be perfectly combined with the solution described above. Different systems of opening doors allow to diversify your child’s room.

A custom bed will be made of ecologically clean and safe materials. Moreover, it will be up to you to choose the materials that we will use to make the bed. It will ensure healthy conditions for your child’s sleep. Nothing will threaten your child during sleep and games. Our designers will develop a custom child’s bed, in which even the most thorough inspection will not find a single dangerous part or a sharp corner.